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Jordan B. Barnett, MD, MBA, FACHE, FACEP, FAAEM

Intuitive healthcare professional and medical doctor with extensive experience in Emergency Medical Services (EMS), healthcare administration, education and consulting. Natural leadership skills and background in managing Emergency Departments with 25,000+ annual patient volume, medical command with fleets of ten+ ambulances and business development. Proven capacity to improve processes, increase regulatory compliance and enhance quality of care within challenging financial situations. MBA education and complete business management / administration acumen.

What I Do

Business Development

High-energy business development expert guiding the direction of organizations by employing growth strategies, feasibility studies, business planning, market analysis, presentations, and account management. 0% change in statistical morbidity and mortality realized by managing disease pathology through establishment of an online reference library with links to MEDLINE, MICROMEDEX and various physicians resources.

Staff & Policy Development

Inspiring team leader, who communicates clear direction and goals, cultivates an open culture, develops individual talents and empowers employees to optimize departmental performance. 80% participation rate achieved by standardizing essential processes across disparate county EMS / pre-hospital systems to improve consistency and foster communication between county-wide medical directors to maintain the most up-to-date level of care.

Entrepreneurial Skills

Entrepreneurial executive demonstrating creativity and delivering results through effective cross-functional leadership, policy and procedure development, training, profit planning, and building partnerships/alliances. Founded and grew business to 13+ private ALS transport clients and national presence, providing more than 65,000 ambulance transports each year.

Infrastructure redesign & Performance Improvement

Energetic strategist leveraging expertise in public speaking, collaboration, consensus building, dispute resolution, risk management, and negotiation, accompanied by an in-depth understanding of business processes and feasibility to create synergies that drive performance improvement and propel company success. Introduced bilingual electronic patient discharge instructions to enhance patient compliance for the 90%+ Hispanic patient population and reduce physician liability.

Management, Administration & Leadership

Highly dedicated and progressive healthcare professional leading organizations to reach their full potential; maintain a commitment to build consensus, form long-term business affiliations, manage changing priorities, effectively allocate resources and develop employees, ensure regulatory compliance, and lead cross-functional teams that have fostered an unparalleled reputation for honesty and integrity. Managed department functionality throughout hospital financial restructuring and closing, provided leadership for the facility serving 25,000+ patients and sustained a fully operational Emergency Department despite limited finances by maintaining stringent inventory controls to maximize resources.





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